earth egg testicle sun
april 4 2011

1.sun eyes(1:07)
a. soyuz 1
b. vladimir komarov
3.the acrophobic climbs a tree
a. pt 1
b. pt 2
c. pt 3
a. she is open
b. she is writhing in the cruel sun
c. she is vapor

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album notes:
recorded march 13, 2011 in a lockout in anaheim california.
all songs improvised by leo, oliver and champoy.
recorded and mixed by oliver.
artwerk by champ.

oliver and i had talked about recording some capital animal stuff here and there, but never really got around to doing it. i have a growing interest in not writing songs and wanted to explore this interest. so i talked to oliver about having someone else other than just the two of us improvise something unscripted. we figured champ would get what we didn't want to do. earth egg testicle sun is the result.
the title of this recording came from themes of the novella "the story of the eye" by georges bataille. champ let me borrow this book a long time ago and so it seems fitting to have him involved on the recording. we love his art, he does all our artwork, so it was our pleasure to play music with him.


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