february 22 2007

1.isabela and the brand new near death experience(14:00) are the sunshine, you are the raindrops(10:08)
3.thanks bob(2:20)
4.leaving planet earth(9:58)

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album notes/credits:
this was recorded for the 2007 rpm challenge. absolutely everything was done in febuary 2007. this album was a big challenge for us because of the short time and lack of preparation. songs were recorded on the spot. one of us would press record and the other would make some noise. half of the album we don't remember recording cause we were too drunk. some tracks we used new instruments that we got just days before recording. one of the strangest experience we got was capturing a sample while recording a looped synth track. that night we recorded for hours and didn't change the setup but for this one time we captured an interferance.. and to make it more randomly strange, the sample contained dialog about SETI. one seemingly unproductive night while drinking tanduay (filipino rum) oliver fell asleep and i recorded a synth and vocal part. next morning i find oliver listening to the track trying to make something out of it. it ended up with us luring our friends with cheep beer and wine to sing a few lines. all in all, its an album with a totally different experience.


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