we will be taking part of this years' telemagica which will be happening june 10 through 12. our time slot is going to be friday at midnight (or call it saturday 0:00 hours). joining us will be champ who recorded with us "earth egg testicle sun" and some other special guests.
telemagica is an annual event happening in at the institute of perception grounds in jacumba, ca. more info here: telemagica.com



we recorded some improvised sounds with champ on percussion in one take and now we have a new recording. it's called "earth egg testicle sun" or it can be called "egg earth testicle sun". it's up for free download here. we also have cd's. we may have new recordings soon, but probably not. new website design in all its glory is all credited to oliver. he's just great. -leo


fvck the copyrights..