you are the himalayas
january 26 2007

1.welcome to planet earth(7:09)
2.rome 750 b.c(3:59)
3.pedestrian gets hit by car(2:22)
4.breeding is automatic(4:08)
7.she eats the flesh(3.19)

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album note/credits:
you are the himalayas is a collection of lonely, sad, and personally uplifting songs that we recorded during the months of december '06 and january '07 at the little cave in buena park, ca. additional recordings were done at the sunken box in lakewood, ca and at leo's grandparents house in la mirada, ca. all the songs were written, recorded, produced and mixed by ourselves. additional mixing was done by our friend louie mendoza. sounds were created by guitars, synths, theremin, recorder, piano, vocals, and samples. the cover art was done and designed by the amazing janeil s. lim. cheers -leo and oliver

song notes:
welcome to planet earth - the concept of this song is that aliens are coming to earth and as they are approaching they are listening and watching us. it ends with a landing. -oliver

rome 750 b.c - one if the earlier songs written for this album. the title refers to the initial feeling i got first playing it. -oliver

pedestrian gets hit by car - driving home from work one day, while making a turn i thought the coast was clear and hit a man walking across the street. i fled the scene of the crime in a panic. by the time i got home i realized how horrible of a human i was for doing that. the only thing i could think of doing was to report myself to the police. i did and they said they needed and would contact me if they heard anything. -leo

breeding is automatic - i had this guitar riff for a long time and i always wanted to expand it but i could never come up with more stuff. so one night when we were recording i told leo that i'm gonna record this riff and have him record anything he wanted over it. leo decided to use his theremin that he got a day earlier for christmas. and magic. basically just 2 tracks both 1 take. -oliver

sunburst - i was thinking that if the sun burned out from the sky, we would all be in this cold black panic on earth. what would i do? i would run home. but what good would that do? -leo

lizaveta - after reading crime and punishment, i really connected with the roskolnikov character. imagine that is the authors intention. anyhow, i thought how tragic the death of lizaveta and wanted to title the song after her. at the time this song was a huge song with a lot of changes and such. but the only recorded version that works is this one. -leo
- we used to play this song and we would always imagine how great it would sound really loud and big. we will most likely record a different version in the future. -oliver

she eats the flesh - i always liked this type o negative song that had to do with a sexual encounter with christ. i always wanted to make a song sort of like that. i think that song was titled "christian woman". -leo
- when we recorded this song and we had so many tracks. specially for the ending where we tried to make a really loud and noisy. it ended sounding like poop. we scrapped all the tracks except for leo's vocals and my background guitar track and added acoustic guitar and piano tracks. the piano was the last thing recorded for the album and was done at leo's grandparents house and you can hear his grandpa eating in the background. a perfect ending. -oliver


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